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we will meet on Jan 3, 2-5; January 4, 2-3; and Jan.5, 2-5. We will do a full mock - mock on the 3rd; a strategy session on the 4th and a full mock-mock again on the 5th. Keep the 9th open in case we feel that we need it.

This is just to let all of you know this...incase you didn't get it....and for all of our past seniors...who want to come see us......By the By we have a trial on the 10th of January

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Hey guys it's Darlene...I was wondering if anyone else still reads these....please let me know.......Well I knoe Erik(HaHa spelt it right lol) and Sam do so let me know and if there are any new people to...
Thanks Darlene

Model Leg.


Sam and I really, really need your help. Our poor, deprived, malnurished and underfed Model Leg. team has fallen to just two members (although rumor has it Darlene has joined). We REALLY REALLY need new members. Model Leg. is very similar to Mock Trial in that it's a lot of fun and we get to goof around a lot. Essentially, what we do is draft bills about current issues in RI, which are later voted on when all the teams get together at the STATE HOUSE for a WHOLE DAY! It sounds boring, but being able to go the statehouse and debate important issues is really fun and interesting. Generally, if you like the stand-up-and-talk aspect of Mock Trial, you'd be interested. Please Join! You can either flag me down in the hallway, post on this entry, e-mail me (maniac7269@aol.com), or talk to Mr. Mcnulty. Please Consider It!

Bye Bye, Buy Bonds.


P.S. hi Jen, Scott, Rae, Casey, Lindsey, and all the other crazy seniors who we really miss.
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Hey all,
I talked woth Ms. M about starting a Model U.N Club.
For thouse of you who don't know what thias is, this is were you take a role as one of the nations in the UN(united nation) and you learn all about that contry..When you sign up for a conference you are given a nation.....you study a problume that they give you....and then you go to the confrence and compete againt a lot of other schools for a place in the nationals if you go to the nationals it'sin the model U.N buklding in New York City...I am asking to see you is intersted in starting one next year with Ms. Mospaw which means you would have to be a Freshman/sophmore/junior this year if you are in tersted PLEASE let me know you can e-mail me @ dollythenmoose1@aol.com

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June 11th

Nothing to do on a Saturday night?

Do you just want to hang out with friends and dance the night away?

Then come to our dance.

There will be local bands playing:

Two Miles From Home
Unwritten Label

Blank Theory

Supper At Donny’s
Gathering Shadows

This event will be held from 6pm to 9pm.

The required donation is $3 per person.

It will be held at 1871 Victory Highway.

Food and drink will be sold.

Look for the balloons.

Profits from this event will be donated to “Annie’s Angels”. This is an organization to help a girl who needs a double lung transplant.

Post this in your livejournal to help this girl's family. More people will come. Also, post it in all of your friend's comments. Please help save a life.


It's going to slow down over the summer, but the people have talked strategy and how states went..it's a bit interesting! AND WE SHOULD STEAL THEIR IDEA AND GET MOCKTRIAL JERSYS THAT LOOK LIKE BASKETBALL JERSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO, tell everyone who no longer checks this to CHECK THIS!!!
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hi guys i realize this isnt the best place to do this but i have to...

sam do u know you have made ur lj so that all ur entries dont allow others to comment? i wanted to comment on your baby post but i couldnt...just hoping you know..